I am an illustrator who is passionate about dreaming and creating.  As a child, all my days were filled with endless dreaming, plenty of “Tin Tin” books and drawing on, well, practically anything to be honest. I graduated from Eskisehir Anadolu University Animation Major, where I still study a masters degree program and I worked for various Stop-Motion, 3D and 2D animation projects. 
Even today, I find myself in fantasy land during my journeys and if possible, I wish to draw, to color and to animate for the rest of my life. 
Some of my experiences; 
Denkwerk / Motion Designer Intern
 Morpa Kampüs / 2d ToonBoom Animator
 X-box and Knorr / Commercial Illustrations / Endorphin Digital
 "Ba-Bam" Commercial for Bridgestone / DirtyCheapCreative/ 2d Animator
 "Nef" Commercial /DirtyCheapCreative / Stop-motion assistant 
SAE Istanbul / Animation Lecturer
Düsyeri Animation Studio / "Pepee" / 3d Animator
Contact : gizemguvendag@gmail.com
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